How To Speed Up Chrome On Android

Well if you are an Android user then no doubt you would be using Chrome for browsing or surfing through the Internet. If you have a new phone then it would work exceptionally well without lags but with time it may become sluggish and worn out. Installing another browser is sure an alternative option but you would have to come back to square one. Chrome. Because it is the most reliable and clean browser which also maintains a sync with the chrome browser of your computer. So to avoid its wearing out, we need to take certain steps so that its speed is maintained and the person acquires no problem while working with it. Following are some of the tips you must follow. You can use apps like lucky patcher for speed up chrome or below steps.

Turn on the Data Saver

  • The chrome performance is based on two parameters i.e. hardware and data speed. Even if we are using the latest phones, the speed would be fast only until the data of your phone allows.
  • By turning on the Data Saver, you would be able to send only the required information to the Chrome in a compressed form.
  • It will speed up the performance of Chrome and also reduce the data consumption of the phone.
  • To do so, Open Chrome>> click on the 3 dot menu on the right hand side of the screen>> Open Settings>> select Data Saver and turn it on.

  • Clear cache memory from time to time-
  • Cache has got its pros and cons. It can be useful in storing passwords for various sites, storing information etc. but piling up of cache can surely slow down the browser and create problems.
  • To let the speed not get affected, clear the cache and not useful data so that the speed is maintained.
  • To clear the cache go to Settings>> Apps>> Chrome>> Storage then click on clear cache.

  • Prefetch Websites-
  • Prefetch Websites are those sites and pages which are frequently visited by you based on your browsing history of the past.
  • By default, it is available only for WiFi but can be changed over to data usage also.s
  • As the name suggests, it preloads these websites in advance.
  • To enable Prefetch Websites, click on the three dot on the right hand side of the corner of chrome>> Settings>> Privacy>> and check the box ‘use a prediction service to load pages quickly’.

  • Increase the number of Raster Threads-
  • The images are the ones which takes more time to get loaded and hence slows down the speed of the browser.
  • Raster Threads control how fast or slow an image can be loaded.
  • By increasing the number of raster threads from default, it will enable to load the images faster thus speeding up the browser.
  • To perform the same, go to chrome://flags/#num-raster threads, click the drop-down menu, and increase the number to 4 or accordingly.

Keep Chrome up-to-date

  • The browser Chrome should be kept up-to-date because the updates that come up fixes all the bugs.
  • By updating the app, it would help the app in running smoothly and efficiently.
  1. Keep Chrome shortcuts on your home screen-
  • By keeping the shortcut app for the same on your screen it will prevent us to follow long procedure if we want to surf the browser.
  • To do the same, open Chrome. Enter the site whose shortcut you wish to create for. Click on the three dot on the right hand corner of the screen and then select ‘add to home screen’. Type the name for the same and the shortcut is created.

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