How to fix “Insufficient Storage” Error : Delete Cached files in Android

Nowadays,most of your Android Mobile Phones are being manufactured with a minimum of 16 GB of its own internal storage.But still some android devices are present with less storage.And if such less internal storage phones will be used then only few mobile applications and photographs will fill up your mobile phone’s memory completely.

In such kind of less internal memory android mobile phones whenever you will try either to update any of its applications or install a new one then if it’s storage will already be full then you will get annoyed when the statement “insufficient storage” will flash on the screen.

You might have tried several methods to overcome your this problem of insufficient storage by doing factory reset of your phone, deleting photos and videos present in your phone, and so on.Still you might not be able to make your mobile phone’s internal storage free.

So to overcome this problem you will have to delete the Cached files.For doing this you can follow the steps given below:-

Steps to delete your Android Mobile phone’s cache memory:-

For getting rid of your Android Mobile phone’s insufficient internal storage you will have the delete all the Cached files.And you can do it with the help of the steps which are as follows:-

  • Step 1: Go to Settings option your Android Mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Click on the Storage option.
  • Step 3: Tap on Cached data.
  • Step 4: When a pop-up will appear on your mobile phone’s screen to prompt you for clearing the Cached data then in that case click on ok button.

Method to delete your phone’s Cached files manually:-

  • You can do it manually by doing these few of taps on your mobile phone: Go to Settings~Apps~Select an app~Choose Clear Cache option.

Method to delete your phone’s Cached Files when you have Android version of Marshmallow or higher:-

  • If you are Android Marshmallow or higher version user then go to Settings~Apps~Choose an app of your mobile phone~Click on Clear Cache.

In many new devices of Smartphones there are many different and the fast options for fast way for clearing be applications cache memory in the few of the following steps for that the user have to follow the instructions carefully so that they will be get rid of the insufficient storage error in there Android smartphone devices for that you have to –

  • The user of the Android smartphone has to go to the settings application and you have to find the storage option in the settings and you have to press and open the storage setting try that is mostly should be in the type of system or or in the section.
  • After offering the storage the user will be able to get to know that what is the current size of the application and how much cash or temporary storage has been done automatically in the smartphone.
  • After then the user will get a chance for deleting the cached memory or cached data of that application for that you have to simply tap on the cached memory or cached data in the storage settings of the Android Smartphone and after that
  • when you will Tab on that it will show you the option for clearing the cache data and
  • when you will press the cash that are ok
  • it will be deleted and as per the space was shown of the cache data it will release the space and it will delete all a temporary or the cache data files for that application.

With the help of above mentioned steps you will be able to achieve what you want in case of your Android Mobile Phone’s internal storage.

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